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Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of various health resources and community leaders explore just how lesbians have no need for condoms whatsoever within sex procedures. Which idea frankly perplexes me personally! Whenever we see clearly somewhere, I pause and believe

huh? Where did these folks manage to get thier much safer gender info from?

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This is part of a more impressive societal issue because lesbian, queer and bi women can be typically left during the talk about sexual health and STIs. It is as though men and women genuinely believe that


just result from penises and that lesbian, queer and bisexual females never actually



News flash:
STIs is handed down in several techniques
. Through skin to epidermis contact. From anal intercourse. From oral sex. From revealing adult toys. Virtually any kind of sex you are having, its probably that STIs can possibly be handed down, from person-to-person. It is in addition crucial to keep in mind that lesbian, queer and bisexual ladies sometimes have penises. Or occasionally we utilize dildos while having sex. As well as both a dildo and a penis, condoms may be used as a barrier solution to decrease the likelihood of STIs being passed.

In de-stigmatizing STIs, it is important to remember that it isn’t the termination of society if you test good for an STI. Your daily life along with your sex-life aren’t over. Whenever we are able to have access to this type of less dangerous gender info, subsequently we could all expand and find out together—and have more enjoyable gender!

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We have currently mentioned
various barrier strategies
that lesbian, queer and bisexual women may use when making love with one another. And yes, condoms come in those options. You can make use of condoms as a barrier when having a penis in pussy or whenever having
rectal intercourse
, when you are making use of a sextoy or dildo, and you may in addition reduce a condom along the center (with scissors) if you want a dental care dam for analingus or oral sex. As soon as we tell ladies who sleep together with other women which they you should not


condoms to train much safer sex, we have been perpetuating this myth which our intercourse is actually intrinsically protected from any STIs being shared.

A lot of of my personal lesbian, queer and bisexual buddies often laugh regarding how they don’t exercise much safer intercourse. I notice queer females make laughs about dental dams and just how they do not have when used them. This makes me personally wonder which within neighborhood carry out really practice much safer intercourse? If in case we have beenn’t making use of buffer practices, are we after that having in-depth discussions about the sexual wellness before we f*ck? Tend to be we consistently prioritizing obtaining tried between all of our lovers? And not soleley a pap smear (
for the reason that it doesn’t include every thing
), but like acquiring a complete work-up?

I do not say any of this getting judgmental, anyway. I’ve already been that woman to have a good laugh about dental care dams. I’ve in addition had one night appears in which i did not prioritize me personally or my personal lover’s sexual wellness. But Needs you to do much better. Needs united states to have genuine, nuanced talks about all of our sexual health. As it matters, ladies. And that I need to get previous chuckling about dental dams and shrugging off condoms as an alternative.

Typically contained in this dialogue, I have asked

really, imagine if I want to make use of a dental care dam but she does not genuinely believe that’s hot?

This fear is so extensive that personally i think like numerous lesbian, queer and bisexual ladies are actually nervous to inquire about their particular associates to apply safer intercourse. But without a doubt a queer lady key, obtaining dental sex through a dental dam is actually sensuous and feels remarkable. In reality, the person it surely alters things for is the person giving the oral. It really is slightly various of an event, but one that you can aquire made use of to! It’s sexy when it comes down to person getting because 1. you are both prioritizing each other’s sexual wellness, which is hot AF and 2. inside my sincere view, it nevertheless seems enjoyable as f*ck.

In addition discover how challenging it can be to create in the dialogue of STIs before you decide to have sexual intercourse, particularly if you’ve never ever had intercourse because of this person prior to. Something I learned in my many years of messily navigating gender and connections usually when I talk to some body regarding the kind of gender we both wish to have and by what method of barriers we need to use—i’ve wayyyy much better intercourse. Like I’m not claiming this because i am a sex technical. I am suggesting my personal sincere queer lady reality. Intercourse is most effective as soon as you talk about need plus bodies initially.

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Let’s break it all the way down.

Both you and this potential hookup do not know both’s figures yet. Every individual provides their needs and clicks and techniques, that change them the f*ck on. And even though you can perform a guessing game while you’re having sexual intercourse to find out exactly what ~feels good~ because of this new person, you could potentially as an alternative, explore it beforehand. Isn’t really it fun to f*ck some one the direction they desire to be f*cked? Then you already fully know the go-to spot on their behalf, for which you should establish to and how to get them to be putty within hand.

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With regards to speaing frankly about just what barriers and/or toys you intend to make use of while you’re having sex—a large amount of folks believe its very maybe not gorgeous and takes all the fun from the jawhorse. But envision if you are having sexual intercourse nevertheless whole time you are stressed because you truly wanted to use a dental dam but don’t can tell this lady can now you can’t have a climax because you’re very in your thoughts about perhaps not speaking right up for your requirements? That is no fun for anybody, trust me. When you are getting that discussion straightened out prior to beginning having sexual intercourse, you then already know just to choose the condom if you use your own strap-on or whether she is cool with fluid connecting or otherwise not. These are generally really important facets of gender and now we should not dismiss all of them.

I have research for many people scanning this right now. The very next time you’re having a unique hookup with some body, try to incorporate several of these conversations before you decide to strike the bedsheets to see what the results are. I bet you that you’ll possess some mind-blowing consensual better intercourse!

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