At REACH ELECTRICAL, we provide all the spare parts for the float level switches.

MAGNETIC FLOAT Ball is using to actuate the reed switch contact point to create an open or close circuit by an internal magnet. Rugged construction and multiple options for materials from engineering plastics as NBR & PP, and stainless steels as SUS316, floats can be applied to versatile applications in chemical corrosion of acidity and alkalinity liquid, solvents or oil fuels.

REED SWITCH switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. It consists of a pair of contacts on ferrous metal reeds in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. The contacts may be normally open, closing when a magnetic field is present, or normally closed and opening when a magnetic field is applied. The switch may be actuated by a magnet near to the switch. Once the magnet is pulled away from the switch, the reed switch will go back to its original position.

TERMINAL ENCLOSURE provide the means for making connection between the sensing point by protecting the connection against corrosion, abrasion and breakage caused by handling. Terminal enclosure are easy to install and are convenient for checking purposes. An outlet for conduct connection is provided with a selection of threaded outlet sizes for the protection tube.

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