ELSTEIN – EBF-R Universal Power Rail Construction


EElstein EBF-R construction elements are supplied in assembled condition and are equipped with universal power rails. The construction elements can be equipped with Elstein ceramic panel heaters FSM, FSR, HSR/1, HTS/1, SHTSjavascript:submitbutton(‘save’);/1 and FSM/2, FSR/2, HSR/2, HTS/2, SHTS/2, whereby it is also possible to combine different heater designs and wattages of the same types of heaters.

For positioning the universal power rails in the wiring space of EBF-R ceramic terminals are used. With the help of clamping brackets, spring washers and screws the connection of the heaters is done to the terminal points of the universal power rail. The one-sided fixing of the universal power rail to one of the terminals enables their thermal expansion without tension.

Thus the EBF-R needs to be fixed in a steel section frame to be made on site and connected up with the electricity mains.

Elstein EBF-R construction elements are available in five lengths and can also be fitted together to form flat or curved radiation panels in any installed position.

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