ELSTEIN – HLF Ceramic Infrared Panel Radiator


Elstein HLF panel radiators are ceramic infrared radiators, which can be used for operating temperatures up to 700°C and surface ratings up to 42 kW/m².

The elongated socket of the HLF radiators allows inserting of a heat insulation layer between the radiation surface and the mounting sheet.

Due to this design in connection with heat insulation the radiation efficiency of a ceramic radiator was increased significantly for the first time. On the other hand a relatively thick heating panel was the consequence.

In the course of the further development the heat insulation was integrated into the radiator. This led to our HTS high temperature radiator with short standard socket. Today the radiators of the HTS series are the industrial state-of-the-art for heating and drying machines.

Elstein HLF panel radiators cover the power range from 250 W to 650 W.

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