ELSTEIN – HLF/S Ceramic Infrared Panel Radiator


Elstein HLF/S panel radiators are ceramic infrared radiators, which can be used for operating temperatures up to 750 °C and surface ratings up to 64 kW/m².

Compared to other Elstein panel radiators the design of HLF/S-radiators is characterised by a heightened back with an extended socket. HLF/S panel radiators are used in heating panels or machines, which are designed for the model of HLF/S radiators.

Since the Elstein HTS series with integrated thermal insulation was developed the HTS radiators represent the industrial state-of-the-art and are preferred for implementing projects of new machines and plants.

Elstein HLF/S panel radiators cover the power range from 250 W to 1000 W.

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