ELSTEIN – IPT Series Screw Ceramic Infrared Dark Heater


Elstein IPT radiators are ceramic infrared dark radiators with E27 screw caps.

The standardised E27 thread allows easy and safe installation. The radiators can be screwed in like bulbs into porcelain or metal sockets with porcelain insert.

Due to their simple connection, IPT infrared radiators are suitable both for individual operation and for configuring groups of radiators.

Heaters of the IPT series are mainly used for two applications. In sulphur evaporators IPT/75 makes the sulphur liquid and evaporating, so that fighting against vermin is done in an environment-friendly way.

A further application is using the heaters of the IPT series in terrariums to generate comfortable and close-to-nature heat radiation for reptiles and insects.

Elstein IPT screw radiators are available in three designs and power ranges from 60 W to 500 W.

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