ELSTEIN – IRS/330 Rod Ceramic Infrared Heater


Elstein IRS/330 rod heaters are ceramic infrared heaters with operating temperatures up to 750 °C and surface ratings up to 36 kW/ m². They have one mounting socket on each side, with which they can be fixed to a mounting sheet with fixing springs.

The IRS/330 rod radiators replace the ISS radiators. They have larger mounting sockets and the heating rod has a bigger diameter. Both lead to an improved mechanical strength and high service life.

IRS/330 can be used in already existing ISS-systems or reflectors. Only the holes need to be enlarged so that the bigger sockets of IRS/330 can be inserted.

Next to linear heating tasks IRS/330 rod radiators are used as room, comfort or patio heater as well as heating element on terrasses.

Elstein IRS/330 rod radiators are available with a power of 250 W and 400 W.

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