ELSTEIN – MSH/20 Ceramic Micro Infrared Radiator


Elstein MSH micro system heaters are ceramic infrared heaters in small design. They reach operating temperatures up to 860 °C and surface ratings up to 100 kW/ m².

MSH micro system heaters are used in applications, which require partial heating or drying of small goods and areas. This occurs for example at heating of printed circuit boards.

MSH radiators are suitable both for individual operation and for configuring groups of radiators to an infrared heating panel.

In this way small heating panels can be built, which can be adapted to the requirements of the heating task or the size as well as contours of the material to be heated regarding heated area, dimensions and the acuteness or the heating zones.

Elstein MSH micro system heaters are available with a power of 55 W 12 V.

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