ELSTEIN – SHTS-100 High Temperature Panel Radiator


Elstein SHTS/100 super high temperature ceramic panel heaters rating at 80 kW/ m².

Elstein SHTS/100 super high temperature radiator is a ceramic infrared radiator, which has been designed for maximising the surface rating (W/m²).

The surface rating of SHTS/100 is 80 kW/m². It has a nominal output of 800 W and reaches an operating temperature of up to 860 °C.

The Elstein SHTS/100 radiator has the dimensions 96 x 96 mm and is a special design of SHTS with the dimensions 122 x 122 mm. Information about SHTS is available in our product catalog as well as download on the internet.

For building up infrared heating panels with SHTS/100 the MTO stainless steel mounting plates are available.

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