ELSTEIN – SSV (Safety Sulphur Evaporator) Ceramic Heater


The Elstein SSV safety sulphur evaporator is a ceramic heating element, which has a compartment to take the sulphur to be evaporated as well as an E27 screw cap for the electrical connection.

The ceramic body as well as the ceramic surface are mechanically and thermally stable.

The special design of SSV prevents contact between the liquid sulphur and the electrical connection, has positive influence on the thermal characteristics during operation and makes retrofitting of existing devices easily possible.

Due to its relatively high evaporation perfomance the existing number of devices can be maintained in the green house. At the same time an energy saving of up to 50 % is possible.

The operating temperature configured on 190 °C lies safely below the auto ignition temperature of sulphur.

Elstein SSV safety sulphur evaporators are available with a power of 75 W at 230 V.

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