GW – Withdrawable Tubular Element


Alloy or stainless steel sheathed withdrawable tubular is alternative to the standard ceramic bobbin type. The withdrawable tubular has been designed and manufactured to outlast its ceramic counterpart, which is fragile and will deteriorate much sooner through physical damage. Tubular withdrawable are suitable for applications where replacement or repairs are to be carried out without disturbing the contents of the tank.
GW Withdrawable Tubular Heater Elements are designed where it is essential to be able to remove the element without emptying the tank. Constructed by using three alloy sheathed tubular elements brazed into a steel flange as for the mounting on the immersion heater. Also included is a pocket to accommodate an over temperature protection device to ensure the heater does not exceed its maximum operating temperature.
This is achieved by inserting the withdrawable tubular element into a nominal diameter pipe – commonly known as the thermowell. The thermowell may be a permanent fixture of the tank or it can be supplied as a separate removable tube with 2” BSP boss which can then fitted to a mating tank socket.Features
Robust, suitable for harsh conditions and extremely resistant to mechanical or physical abuse, or where vibration may occur.Applications
Suitable for all solutions where drainage of the tank is impractical and where direct heating is not achievable or recommended. Materials such as bitumen, wax, fats and oils require low element surface temperatures to prevent product degradation.Options
– Can be manufactured in Stainless Steel, Incoloy or Titanium
– Various wattages and voltages
– Various element diameters
– Several terminal enclosure variations

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