Hamitherm Miniature Panel Set Horizontal


Together with the miniature panel insert model PMI, the panel set form a complete panel assembly for mounting in control rooms, test stands, laboratory applications, pilot plants, etc.

– Aluminium front panel anodized for full corrosion protection.
– All circuits indentified thru scratchproof numbering.
– Stainless steel bar and brass nickel plated screws for professional appearance.
– Mounting construction will make it impossible to dislodge insert from panel.
– Angled screws on the insert will allow wiring of the panel after mounting. This prevents the necessity of removing the complete panel or one insert in order to change the wiring on one insert.
– Available in 1, 6, 12 and 24 circuit version. Other versions available on request.

Wire size
– Accepts wires up to 2,0 mm.

Temperature rating
– 200 °C Maximum

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