IDR, IBDR, IDR-IBDR-CON Drum & Base Heaters (to 300ºC)


These types of Isopad drum and base drum heaters are used to provide medium flow and process temperature in ordinary environments.

The special design including a high powered resistance heating cable embedded in a solid metal housing ensures the maximum on power output at operating conditions. These heating units can be used for higher temperatures and faster heat up times. These heaters are designed for standard drum sizes of 200L.

Metal drum heater design Isopad drum heaters have a unique “clam shell” design and castors, heaters can simply be wheeled up to and closed around the drum, eliminating overhead lifting. The clam shell design allows the heater to be stored open, against a wall taking up less space. Castors are antistatic and have parking brakes to prevent heater movement whilst in use. Supplied as a complete unit with integral insulation and lid the Isopad drum heater is very efficient with the added benefit of allowing the drum to be heated at or close to where the product is needed. Manufactured in heavy gauge sheet steel with a double skin construction housing, the electric heating elements cover the entire inner surface. The heating elements are provided with reinforced thermal insulation to prevent heat loss through the outer wall. Inner walls are painted with a thermally conductive paint to give maximum heat transfer.

Drum Heater (ISOPAD – IDR)

The drum heater is made out of a twopieced metal housing to be opened and closed via hinges and fasteners standing on special castors. The solid design ensures stable operation even on unlevel surfaces. The metal housing carries the heating cable and evenly distributes the temperature to the drum. A mechanical thermostat regulates the operating temperature. Each drum heater includes a lid. To reduce heat loss at top it is recommended to use our insulated lid.

Base Drum Heater (ISOPAD – IBDR)

The base drum heater is a perfect addition to the the drum heater to prevent heat loss from below. A metal housing carries the heating cable and evenly distributes the temperature to the drum. An aluminum casted mechanical thermostat regulates the operating temperature by achieving a maximum on safety during operation.

Drum and Base Drum Heater (ISOPAD – IDR-IBDR-CON)

Unit A combination of a drum and base drum heater was created to just use a single control mechanism. The Base drum heater can be connected to the drum heater and is thereby controlled by one thermostat. This unit was designed for drum sizes of 200L.

Energy efficient

Isopad drum heaters are designed to reduce energy consumption through a combination of thermal insulation and temperature control. The drum heater is the entire length of the drum and the surface is in close proximity to the drum itself which minimises the power required to heat the product, particularly in comparison to drum ovens or shorter drum heaters

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