IIBC-G Soft Jacket IBC Heater (to 71°C)


Isopad IIBC-G soft jacket heater fits several IBC and tote tank sizes with adjustable nylon straps and buckles.

Controls temperature with adjustable thermostats. Protects contents and tote tank surface from heat damage with manual reset highlimit safety thermostats. Designed for caged, plastic, or metal tote tanks / IBCs. The wrap-around blanket design allows you to heat a tote tank / IBC externally without changing the IBC or tote tank. Fits containers with width from 1016 x 1016 mm to 1219 x 1219 mm. Does not contaminate or scorch your product. Fitted using adjustable nylon straps with buckles. An optional top cover is available to reduce heat loss and accelerate heat-up. Built-in adjustable thermostats allow you to control the temperature, and two separate heat zones allow you to adjust heater output when content levels are lower.

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