IP-SM Custom Design Silicone Heating Mat (200ºC)


Isopad IP-SM silicone heating mats for industrial use are selected where excellent flexibility and high temperature resistance in thermal processes are needed.

The processed silicones have good resistance to ozone, oxygen, weathering, ageing effects, bacterial and fungal attacks. They are also highly resistant to chemicals such as alcohol, acetylene, mineral oil, acids, glucose and glues. Panels customized to your specification are designed with various options on insulated and metal backings, fixings, cutouts, and controllers. We will advise on the best options for your needs, and as each is different we supply a new technical specification. To achieve exact surface temperatures, the heating panels are equipped on demand with Isopad or DigiTrace controllers and temperature sensors. We also provide a range of standard sizes; see our IP-DASI datasheet. For more details on custom or standard versions, contact your local sales representative.

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