IT-ACM Anti-Condensation Heating Tape (155°C)


Isopad IT-ACM heating tape is specifically designed in conjunction with major motor manufacturers to prevent condensation within rotating electrical equipment, such as electric motors, generators, and even large shipboard alternators.

The tapes are particularly useful on motors which operate in damp or wet conditions. They offer a low-cost, easily installed solution which can save the expense of costly rewinds and plant downtime. The product line covers motor heating tapes for operation on 230 V, 115 V and 48 V, with lengths from 200 mm up to 1702 mm.

ACMs are factory-terminated heating tapes having a resistance element which is woven into a glass or polyester yarn carrier. The element / carrier assembly is sheathed in an acrylic adhesive-backed polyester-filmlaminated glass-fibre tape. The tape is terminated with cold leads and a glass-fibre braid outer sheath completes the assembly.

The appropriate ACM heating tape is fitted around the end of the motor windings and held in position using narrow gauge tape fixings (not cords). Normally, one ACM heating tape is installed to each of the stator windings.

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