NIZ – Stainless Steel Braided Silicone Halogen-Free Cable – SIHF/SOS (200°C)


Silicone insulated and sheathed multicore cables are recommended for use in the case of high or low temperature applications, these cables will work between -60°C and +200°C with small mechanical stress. Silicone cables perform extremely well under fire conditions, being halogen free and low in smoke, a flexible and durable cable, resistant to many chemicals and adverse climatic conditions. Ideally within industry include plastic forming and molding, packaging, food processing, refrigeration, furnaces and lightings.

Technical Data
– Nominal voltage: 300V/600Vac

– Tested voltage: 1500V/2000V
– Temperature range: -60°C ~ +200ºC
– O.D. Tolerance: ±0.2mm~±0.5m
– Insulation resistance @20°C: 50MΩ/km
– Withstand  voltage spark: 1.8kV/Sec
– Conductor: Tinned Copper
– Insulator: Silicone + Silicone + Fibreglass
– Outer jacket: Stainless Steel

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