DER EE – Digital Thermo-Hygrometer DE-22


DE-22 digital humidity meter can simultaneously display temperature and humidity measurements. Internal sensors measure the ambient temperature and humidity levels in the area surrounding the meter. Additional features with auto recording highest and lowest (MAX / MIN) temperature and humidity, selectable temperature units, alarms when conditions are out of the desired range and time clock function. These humidity indicators include a built-in stand for sitting on a desktop or they can be wall-mounted to monitor area comfort levels.

– Auto recording highest and lowest (MAX / MIN) temperature and humidity.
– Sampling rate: 10 sec. or 1 min
– Temperature unit option: °C or °F
– Clock time: 12 hrs. or 24 hrs.
– Alarm clock
– Low battery alarm
– Dual installation design by stand on deck or wall mount
– Provide temperature and humidity at real time
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