DER EE – Wireless K-Type Thermometer DE-33


DE-33 Wireless thermometers come with a main unit and wireless 2 channels, type K thermocouple sensor transmitter for remote sensing. The temperature data is transmitted wirelessly, using a radio frequency signal, between the sensor and receiver unit. Using of Type K sensor increase the temperature range to max 1370ºC. DE-33 display unit had dual display of temperature for 2 channel sensing with audible alarm mode for High Temperature Setting.

– RF Transmission of data-distance 100 meter at open space

– Remote Monitoring Temperature Change

– Dual Display of Temperature From Two Channels

– Auto Data Refresh (10 minutes)

– Audible Alarm Mode For HI Temperature Setting

– 24 Hours Clock Indication

– Sensor type : Thermocouple K-type

– Measurement Channel : 2 Channels for A & B

– Display : LCD, 3 1/2 digits

– Resolution: 0.1 / 1 °C

– Auto Range

– Low Battery Buzzer Warning Function.

– Auto temperature event log with time and measured valve up to 24 events.

– Measurement Temperature Range: -200ºC to +1370ºC

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