ELSTEIN – EBI Construction Infrared Heating System


Elstein EBI construction elements are infrared radiation systems, whose housing parts are made from stainless steel. EBI systems are corrosion resistant and mechanically as well as thermically very stable. Therefore they are very suited for applications, where such requirements have to be fulfilled; for example in the food industry.

Elstein EBI construction elements are assembled in our factory. They can be equipped with Elstein ceramic panel radiators FSM, FSR, HTS/1, SHTS/1, HSR/1 and FSM/2, FSR/2, HTS/2, SHTS/2, HSR/2, whereby it is also possible to combine different radiator designs and wattages of the same types of radiators.

The user only has to do the wiring, fix the EBI elements in a steel section frame to be made on site and connect up with the electricity mains.

Elstein EBI construction elements are available in five lengths and can be fitted together to form radiation panels in any installed position as well as geometry.

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