ELSTEIN – FSR Series Ceramic Infrared Panel Radiator


Elstein FSF panel radiators are ceramic infrared radiators with a low overall height. They are produced using a full-pour casting ceramic process and are designed for operating temperatures up to 720 °C and surface ratings up to 64 kW/m².

Compared to other Elstein panel radiators, which have the standard socket, the overall height of the FSF radiators, measured from the radiation surface up to the mounting plate, has been reduced by approximately 45 %.

FSF series radiators can be used universally. The low overall height of the radiators enables space-saving installation, for example, which may be required to retrofit machines.

Elstein FSF radiators are available in four designs and cover the power range from 60 W to 1000 W. They have the customary market dimensions and can therefore be replaced with radiators with corresponding properties if the requirements change.

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