ELSTEIN – MaxLife FSM Series


Elstein MaxLife FSM panel heaters are ceramic infrared heaters, which are designed for operating temperatures up to 720 °C. Surface ratings of up to 64 kW/ m² can be installed.

The durability of MaxLife panel heaters FSM has been maximized. Thus they are usable for 35000 hours and more when operated correctly and under normal conditions.

Due to this significantly longer service life of MaxLife heaters the cost for heater exchange is reduced. Thus there are much lower cost per operating hour.

A guarantee of operation about 20000 hours or 3 years beginning from the manufacturing date exists for heaters of the FSM series on the basis of correct heater use and normal operating conditions.

Elstein MaxLife panel heaters FSM are available in three designs and cover the power range from 60 W to 1000 W.

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