ELSTEIN – SFH Super Flat Ceramic Infrared Panel Radiator


Elstein SFH super flat heaters are ceramic infrared heaters in flat design. They reach operating temperatures up to 800 °C and surface ratings up to 64 kW/m².

The heaters of the SFH series are very suited for applications, which require space-saving installation.

The borders of SFH super flat heaters are used as bearing surface on a metal mounting sheet or reflector. For each heater a corresponding rounded mounting hole is required to place the heaters into them.

When mounting SFH heaters a heat insulation can be added additionally. A temperature resistant insulating material like Elstein THI thermal insulation sheet can be applied on site directly on the back of the heater.

Elstein SFH super flat heaters are available in four designs and cover the power range from 60 W to 1000 W.

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