REACH – Ceramic Pad Heater


Flexible ceramic pad heaters are constructed of interlocking sintered alumina ceramic beads which insulate stranded nickel-chrome wire. This durable construction forms a flexible mat of considerable mechanical strength. They can be used up to 2050°F (1121°C) and are supplied with insulated leads with male welder terminations.

These flexible ceramic pad heaters are designed for most preheat and post heat treatment (stress relieving) requirements on weld joined materials. They can be used to construct a simple, inexpensive furnace when combined with the proper insulation as well as in many other applications where a flexible heater is required. Designed for repeated heating applications, their modular design permits a variety of element shapes, sizes, and thermal capacities to choose from. They can be used bare (as supplied) or with the application of rigid or flexible insulation to retain heat and speed up the heat treating jobs.

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