Silicon Rubber Drum Heater


The silicone rubber heaters are produced using a fixed resistance element consisting of either a resistive wire or etched foil, the element is then encapsulated between two layers of dielectric material, in this case the silicone rubber, to form a flat mat. The close and even spacing of the wires ensures a uniform distribution of heat over the entire working area.

Silicone Rubber Laminated Heavy Duty Drum Heaters are electrical resistance heater in blanket form. They are designed to provide a practical efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids and maintaining materials at elevated temperatures. This heater can save time by heating stored viscous fluid to a pourable temperature. The heater is built to be tough, long lasting, and resistant to chemicals. Because few materials stick to its silicone rubber with fiberglass reinforced construction, it is easy to clean. When not in use, it rolls for convenient storage. The total wattage (number of heaters) and the material being heated inside of the drum must be considered when determining the actual temperature to which that specific material can be heated.

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