NIZ – Silicone Insulated Fiberglass Braided Wires (200°C)


The wire can be used in various thermal places ranging from household appliances, lighting devices, industrial machines, to high-temperature furnace.

Silicone insulated fiber-glass braid multi-stranded wire is recommended for use in applications where temperatures can exceeds 200ºC maximum rating of traditional plastic and rubber insulated wires. Recommended applications include food industries, oven application, foundries, steel mills, glass factories, and other high temperature processes wherever an overall abrasion resistance covering is required.
Technical Data
– Nominal voltage: 300V / 600V
– Temperature range: -60ºC ~ +200ºC
– O.D. Tolerance: ±0.1mm~±0.15mm
– Testing voltage: 1500V / 2000VAC
– Conductor: Tinned Copper
– Insulator: Silicone
– Braid: Fiberglass
– Braid Colours: White, Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Yellow/Green Strip
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