Raychem T2Reflecta


T2Reflecta are for T2Red cable for easy to position and correctly spaced by the grooves in the T2Reflecta plates. No filler needed, wooden or tile floor can be laid directly on top of the plates. No glue or screws needed to fix the plates for wooden floors. The T2Red heating cable is simply fixed in the grooves of the insulated T2Reflecta plates. Tile adhesive can be applied directly on top of the plates.

T2Reflecta-Pack 1m² mat
– 3pcs of T2Reflecta-plates (720mm x 400mm)
– 2pcs of end plates (100mm x 400mm) for 0.944m²
T2Reflecta-Pack 3m² mat
– 10pcs of T2Reflecta-plates (720mm x 400mm)
– 6pcs of ends plate (100mm x 400mm) for 3.12m²
T2Reflecta-end plate-pack
– 6pcs of extra end plates (100mm x 400mm)
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