WIKA – Temperature Transmitter


The T24 temperature transmitter combines the known quick response of an analog transmitter with the flexibility of configuration by means of Windows PC. The quick stabilization of the output current after excitation voltage has been applied enables the use of this transmitter in multiplex systems. Setting of the measuring range, type of sensor and sensor burnout behavior takes only a matter of seconds thanks to the easy-to-use Windows configuration software. Timeconsuming adjustment and sensor simulation are not required for this transmitter. The T24 can be remotely configured from the control room via the current loop.

Due to its flexibility and reliability, the temperature transmitter T24 is suited for a wide range of applications in the machine industry and plant construction. Versions with explosion protection approval in accordance with ATEX are available for applications in the process industry. As a result of its extremely compact design, this WIKA temperature transmitter can be fitted into any DIN connection head of form B.

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