CF – Silicone Drum Heaters


The CDHx drum heaters are used to heat containers, drums, tanks, vessels and pipes. Their aim is to avoid freezing and reducing the density or viscosity of fluids thus preserving their features so as they can be poured until completely discharged.

General technical features

Supply voltage: 220/240V

Power: 1000W / 1500W

External dimensions: 1700X100 ( For 200Lit-55 gallon)

Standard insulation materials: silicone double insulated construction for all models (except for model CDHD0057: silicone and polyester)

Maximum operating temperature: +200°C

Thermostats: adjustable within the range 0/180°C.

Available certifications: EC

Produced and tested according to the EN60335 standard. Compliance with the 2014/35/EU directive

Different insulation materials and diameters may be produced on request and after a feasibility check is performed

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