DER EE – Wireless Digital Room Thermometer DE-31


Wireless Thermometer is the next generation thermometry that revolutionizes the way temperature is measured. DE-31 Wireless thermometers come with a main unit and wireless sensor transmitter for remote sensing. The temperature data is transmitted wirelessly, using a radio frequency signal, between the sensor and receiver unit. The display unit provides 2 digital reading for indoor and outdoor temperature and is complete with alarm for High or Low temperature setting.

– RF Transmission of data-distance 300 meter at open space

– Remote monitoring temperature change

– Dual display of temperature from two positions

– Auto refresh data

– Alarm mode for HI or LO temperature set

– Auto data logger

– Max/Min temperature memory with time indication

– 24 hours clock indication

– Indoor / Outdoor use

– Measuring Range: -20ºC ~ +50ºC

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