CF-PTC Self-Regulating Cartridge Heater


The CPTCx cartridge heater is mostly used in the refrigeration industry, with the aim of evaporating the condensation water produced by equipment such as fridge counters, refrigerated storage cabinets, refrigerated display cases, etc. The particularity of this heater is the PTC self-regulating ceramic component installed inside the cartridge, which develops its power according to the temperature, producing the maximum power at the lowest temperature and gradually reducing its emission as the temperature increases.

General technical features

  • Supply voltage: 220/260V
  • Power: according to table ± 30%
  • External diameter: 12mm
  • Connection: 3/8”Bsp Brass Bush with locking nut
  • Standard tube material available: AISI 304
  • Maximum operating temperature: 180°C
  • Supply cable length: 1000mm as standard or on request
  • Certifications: EC. UL certified models available on request
  • Produced and tested according to the EN60335 standard.
  • Compliance with the 2014/35/EU directive
  • Different materials, configurations, folds, diameters, lengths,powers and terminals may be produced on request andafter a feasibility check is performed
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