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In-Line circulation heaters are packaged units designed to heat a flowing medium using in line heaters. In line heating offer high efficiency since all heat is generated within the solution. Fluids or air are directed past the heating elements giving fast response and even heat distribution.

Control Panels with digital thermocouple probes or RTDs, can be used with the electric immersion heater to maintain the oil or water at the preferred temperature. With different selectable terminal enclosures, sheath and vessel materials, flanged connections, and controls, in line circulation heaters provides a wide range of applications which include: Water Heating, Heat Transfer Oil Heating, Fuel Oil Heating, Steam, Air, and Gas Heating and others. A wide selection of kilowatt ratings, materials, vessel sizes, terminal enclosures, control features and mounting methods are available for all types of heating requirements.

Other useful features found with circulation heaters are drain valves. They can be installed in any location on the vessel and allow for easy maintenance of the heater. The water or oil can be purged through the drain valve allowing for maintenance on the elements. Calcium deposits and other residue can be found on elements and should be cleaned several times a month.